Sunday, February 8, 2015

Podcast #24 - S2E2 - Hammers and Veil

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 2, Episode 2 - Hammers and Veils.

One of the best comedy shots of the show.
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  1. I like the little subplot surrounding the traffic light with the sign and the biggest yellow button you've ever seen. Seeing Luke be grumpy and annoyed by Taylor again is fun.
    Equally fun is Emily at the drag club. She can be really entertaining when she's included and her story about the week before her wedding is so cute, you can really picture it.

    Lorelai calling Christopher from her bachelorette party makes a lot of sense I think. He really knows her and he's the perfect person to remind her that marrying has not been the right thing for her to do in the past and it's not the solution to a problem, even though it might seem like it.

    It's kind of astonishing how Max is able to ignore all of the warning signs even as he's bringing them up.

    Luke built her a chuppah! And now they're standing symbolically under it but no, she's totally going to marry Max .... or not.

    This breakup has the same problems that Rory and Dean's had, it's offscreen and we don't know what exactly happens. It's not even clear if Lorelai has told Max or if she's just taking of, which would be horrible but honestly, I wouldn't it past her. But they wanted this big, surprising moment of Lorelai frantically coming into Rory's room and telling her to pack and I like it, it's a good moment and Rory's reaction is great. "Because, I didn't want to try on my wedding dress every night" is a great line and a very simple, but perfect explanation. But the fact that we don't get to see the breakup bothers me and again, speaks to how much of a non-factor Max is as a character to the show.

    When Lorelai is talking to Chris and especially later to Luke, it's clear that she really wants to want to marry Max and she wants it to work but she also knows that it doesn't. And I think that's also why this whole thing works and why I don't hate Lorelai even though her behaviour is really terrible. She isn't just playing with Max' feelings because she's a terrible person or something but she really wants to marry and have that perfect little family and Rory is so excited about everything and Max is pretty perfect.

  2. Had you spotted that Sean Gunn is on Bones.

  3. I wrote you guys an e-mail about a week ago saying I was 7 episodes behind...well, I'm all caught up. One thing I forgot to say about my entry into the Gilmore Girl world, is that my 3rd kid is basically named after Luke. I've been in love with that name since first watching GG. His real name is Lucas, but we call him Luke.

    I actually have to give Lorelai a lot of credit for realizing that this rushed engagement was a bad idea and breaking it off before the wedding. They got engaged after an argument where her first instinct was to break up and his was to get married. It was doomed from the start, so it's not surprising at all. I feel getting back together with Max was just a rebound from her sleeping with, and being proposed to by Christopher. I've been in that relationship, where it is a rebound for me, but the real thing for the guy. Max loved Lorelai more than she would ever love him. Poor Max, but I don't have a problem with Lorelai's actions. I also don't mind the break up happening off screen, because I don't need to hear any more disagreement or fights between the two.

    Dean seemed a lot less annoying this episode. He was very cute in describing their little idiosyncrasies. I think it might just be that his hair is better this season.

    I know I'm alone in this, as I haven't heard you mention it yet, but Michel is my least favorite person on the show. I don't really find his rudeness to customers amusing and if I ran an inn I would have fired him already. However, I liked him in this episode. It's hilarious that he invited Emily to the party and I would have liked to hear that conversation.

  4. One the tap water subject. I've always lived in cities so I only drink tap water, and I do get some people that think I'm weird for doing so. I have actually taken a tour of a water treatment plant, and know the water standards for CA. If you live in a city the water is safe to drink. Some people really love their bottled water though.

    As for the Dean and Rory scene at the school. I just don't like it. Why would Dean drive all the way to Hartford instead of just meeting Rory at the bus stop, like we've seen before. It's clearly because they want Tristan to be there to witness them kissing. Which I actually felt a little sad for him. And yea I don't like Rory and Dean together so I just don't care.

    Hammers and Veils
    I like Luke's little rant. His ways of trying to cause doubt in Lorelai's mind. I also love that he knows what she eats by the title of her food. I think I'm with Richard on Dean. He tells Rory to blow off the charity just to hang with him. Where is since of direction? He does kind of have a point, Rory doesn't need to do all of that in one night, but he should still be supportive. Also doesn't Rory work sometimes at the inn? She could put that on her Havard application. Haha, Max is just there for eye candy. lol. I love the scene with Lorelai and Emily, so good! And poor Max trying to be nice. Oh Rory, Dean is not a smart boy, and he's still wearing that necklace. I like the idea that Miss Patti taught those girls this little dance just for the Wedding Shower. Ok the one scene I thought Dean was sweet is when he and Rory are on the bench and she's watching Lane leave and he gives her a kiss on the head. I did like that. Oh poor Luke.

    Red Light on the Wedding NIght
    So Liza Weil was in the opening credits in the last episode and no she's gone. That wasn't just me was it? Luke's greeting to Max was hilarious! I love it! Haha, Michel invited Emily! That's great! Aw, I loved Emily's story about marrying Richard. Luke made a hoopa, how sweet. I love that shot of them standing under it from behind. Rory is so supportive of Lorelai, she doesn't push or ask questions she just packs.

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