Monday, November 17, 2014

Podcast #16 - S1E15 - Christopher Returns

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 1, Episode 15 - Christopher Returns!

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  1. After rewatching parts of the Donna Reed episode, cause I had to confirm Celestes clown pillow, which yes it's creepy, I noticed that Luke enters Lorelai house through another door. So she has like 3 doors to her house. One on the side in the living room, one in the kitchen and then the main front door. Just thought that was odd.

    Side comment about the English lit subject. I do remember that in my school we had American literature and English literature so I'm going to say they just combined it and it's meant to be literature in general.

    At first I thought miss patti was randomly telling a story of Romeo and Juliet, but I like the story of the founders of Stars Hallow.

    It's nice that Rory wants Dean to enjoy reading as much as she does, but if someone pushes me like that and I have to reread a book I didn't like, I'd be upset. Pushy people annoy me, I can barely read a book once and that's if it's good.

    Yay more Stars Hollow events! I want to live in Stars Hollow. Anyone else notice the boom mic that dropped into the scene in the kitchen in the beginning? Threw me off for a second.

    Is it me or did the whole Max thing come out of nowhere? Has she been waiting around for Max to call while she's flirting with Luke and sleeping with Christopher? I don't know how I feel about that. I think she says it just because of the event. But the way Rory asked if he called made it seem like she's just been waiting around this whole time.

    I like Luke and Lorelai's reaction to seeing Rachel and the awkward banter. I like that Rachel has her camera and is taking pictures of everyone, it makes her feel more real. Last week we got Lorelai's ex this week we get Luke's. I almost think Rachel and Christopher would make a good couple since apparently neither one want's to stay in Stars Hollow for too long.

    Lorelai's awkward conversation with Richard was great. Chase is terrible and a total creeper when he says "that sounds lovely". I love that Richard is just as annoyed as Lorelai. Emily saying he's cute and Lorelai's like "ehhh, no." That was funny. I really like Lorelai calling Richard daddy as she's sneaking out the window. And love that he covers for her cause he knows how boring Chase is.
    Dean. Really? Like really? Building Rory a car? Are we suppose to believe that Dean is that mechanically inclined. Bike mufflers are one thing but building a car from scratch. Really? And I don't like him overreacting to Rory not saying 'I love you' back. And least he admits he's an idiot. Poor Rory, did I mention I don't like Dean. After making a huge deal about this 3 month anniversary, he breaks up with her. What a jerk.

    1. I agree on your point about Max. I feels weird to bring him up again after we haven't seen him in a few episodes and nobody has mentioned him. I'm wondering if Lorelai had called him under different circumstances, i.e. had there not been the festival making her feel extra lonely, had Rachel not showed up again and had she not spent a terrible evening with Chase and Emily going on and on about how she doesn't have a relationship.

  2. I would also recommend watching the first season of Heroes, but I'd even say stop before the season finale and just imagine that something happens. It's going to be less disappointing.

    I am confused by the concept of star shaped hot dogs. I can't imagine that.

    I'm with Dean on the Tolstoi debate. Anna Karenina is incredibly long and at times incredibly boring and why Rory thought this would be a good book for Dean, I will never understand. I give him points for trying though.

    When I watch that scene where Chase says "That sounds lovely. Shall we?" and makes the gesture with his hand, I shudder every single time. This guy is terrible but Richard's reactions to him are great.
    I'm torn on Lorelai climbing out the window. Yes, it's a nice moment between her and Richard, especially after last week, and I love when she says "thank you, daddy". On the other hand it's incredibly childish, immature, rude and just terrible behaviour towards Emily, who would expect nothing else from her. This is not out of character for Lorelai but I think she could have found another way to get out of there or just hung in there for the last hour or so, dinner was already over after all.
    My problem is that I feel that the show thinks this is just a funny moment and Lorelai is right to do this, especially because Richard endorses it, but that's not how I see it.

    I think Dean building the car is sweet, but it's also way too big as a gift and I have doubts that he's able to do that. Also, I don't have a car, but noone has offered to build me one yet, what's wrong with that?

    I fully believe both Dean and Rory's behaviour, but that doesn't make Dean any less of a jerk.
    I have a slight problem with the way the episode ends, when Rory comes home and announces that they broke up. To me, there are three options: 1. There was a scene offscreen where they explicitly broke up, 2. Dean got mad, stormed off and that was him breaking up or 3. Dean got mad, stormed off and Rory only assumed they've broken up while that was maybe not what he meant? I always believed it's option 2 but I've seen this being debated a few times, because from what we see the whole thing is not exactly clear.

  3. So after listening to the last 15 episodes that y'all have done, I felt incredibly compelled to Google this clown pillow. I am a huge fan of Gilmore Girls and cannot believe that I've never noticed it. OMG it was terrifying!! I thought maybe it would be a cute/creepy clown like the one in Toy Story 3 but no. Another living room prop that they mention in a bonus feature commentary on one of the season's DVD sets is that there is a bowl of nuts sitting in the living room for like...ever. I really want to go back and rewatch the seasons again for the millionth time to intentionally look for the creepy pillow, the pink dress, the bowl of nuts, and other minor details that I always notice. Sounds fun!