Monday, November 3, 2014

Podcast #14 - S1E13 - Concert Interruptus

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 1, Episode 13 - Concert Interruptus!

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  1. I think your conversations about random topics are great and very entertaining! Are there really Baby Mildreds though? That's terrible.
    I want to talk about the name Lorelai, because I really like it and I'm kind of disappointed that I could not name my child like that. Because near my hometown is a rock named Loreley (pronounced the same way) and the legend says that Loreley would sit on top of it, brushing her hair, singing and distracting the men below who would then crash their ships in the river. That's a power Lorelai Gilmore could also possess, but you can't do that to a child.

    As for That Damn Donna Reed:
    The conflict between Rory and Dean is pretty random at first, or rather it gets kind of blown out of proportion, but the concept is interesting. I just don't feel that it ever really reaches its point or gets a real resolution. Rory does some research, plays Donna Reed and I'm not quite sure what she's trying to say with that. Dean says he likes her the way she is (which was obvious anyway) but doesn't seem to change his mind about the Donna Reed thing at all and the two just make up again. Does either of them take anything from this? I'm not really sure what to make of this story, so in the end it was just kind of there.
    What I find interesting is the question Dean raises at one point, if Rory only thinks what Lorelai is thinking and shares all of her opinions. That's certainly selling Rory short, but I would like it if this idea got explored some more in the future.

    The Luke and Lorelai parts were amazing. That scene in the diner when he's talking about his dad and shows her the spot on the wall! Of course, just as Lorelai is finally entertaining the idea of maybe having feelings for Luke, Christopher comes back to town which should be interesting.
    "Nice shirt, take it off!" sure are memorable first words for a character.

    Other random things:
    I had to laugh when Dean comes in at the beginning, saying he's not an idiot. (Yes, he is.)
    Emily and Richard's reaction when Lorelai suggested not flying first class was great.
    I would really like to house and catsit in Babette's tiny house.
    The town troubadour finally arrived! It took him longer to show up than I thought.
    I love Lane's system under the floorboards.
    Why does Luke have tablelamps on each table in the diner? That does not seem very practical because of cables and stuff.

    1. I like the random conversations too, it's always nice and funny to hear what other people think about things. Mildred is a terrible name. I'm very picky when it comes to female names, there are only a few I like, and only one so far that I would name my daughter. Boys names I like more, but still picky. I do like the name Lorelai, it sounds pretty. I don't like Rory or Dean(as names).
      That's a good question about the table lamps. Luke said he didn't want ambiance.

    2. To give you a clue as to how much I love this show, my mom has been convinced for quite some time that she's going to have a granddaughter named Lorelai. Haha. I do love the name, but as I have no plans to have children in the near future, I haven't given names that much thought.

  2. Um, should I take offense in the whole having a hamster means your room is a mess thing? My messy room had nothing to do with my hamster and I don't leave clothes on the floor, that annoys me. I'm a much more clean person now. It doesn't bother me if Celeste wants to laugh, we cool. But thanks for apologizing anyways Cordia :). Hamsters are sort of disposable pets but their cute and it's funny to watch them run around in those plastic balls. Lol. And I love that episode of friends! It's Rebecca Romanji that plays that girl and her house was soo disgusting. lol.

    Ugh, more Dean. Why is he eating a salad when there's pizza right there, he doesn't look like a salad guy. I really didn't like Rory and Dean's fight over the Donna Reed Show I don't think either of them made any real valid points. I don't like Rory dressing up trying to play housewife to Dean after she made a big deal about it.

    Luke and Taylor arguing about redecorating was great. I like that Luke won't do something if Martha Stewart does it. Oh Luke and Lorelai are so cute in the diner at night! I love the way Lorelai pulls Luke into her house, it looked like she was going to grab him and kiss him. No wonder he didn't believe she had a real bird loose in the house.

    Oh Emily and Richard, so stuck in their ways and unwilling to budge. I love when Lorelai suggests they fly coach. lol. Their excitement over getting a recently dead guys house was terribly funny, and Emily telling Lorelai she's being morbid.

    Luke and Dean taking the trash out together was great. Luke's "I'm looking for a chick" and Dean not believing him was good. Dean's panicked look was hilarious.
    I love Sookie and Emily's insight about Lorelai and Luke. Sookie has a point and is it so hard for Lorelai to believe that Luke got the signals mixed. I really like Emily being concerned for Lorelai's emotions over Luke and then disapproving. Lorelai saying she doesn't know if she does was great.

    I really like Taylor's slight consideration for banning people before admitting it's illegal. I love Lane's filing system for her CD's and wow she has a lot of them. We finally get to meet Christopher!

  3. I really love this episode. All the moments with Lorelai and Luke at the diner are so sweet. Him chasing the chick through the house is always amusing. Of course he's the first one she calls. Lorelai and Luke need to just stop pretending they aren't totally into one another. Lorelai's painting song always makes me laugh. I'm guessing the lyrics were scripted, but I wonder if Lauren Graham improvised the melody on set? It was actually kind of catchy.

    Other things of note for me: Apricot is adorable. I like how Lorelai has more separation anxiety issues than Rory...she's literally going next door. Taylor and Luke's dynamic is always entertaining to watch. Lane's CD collection and organization is impressive...a girl after my own is life. Lorelai's reaction to Rory's outfit....So great.

    I know you guys aren't big fans of Dean, but I'm going to take a moment to defend him, as I feel his character got some unfair writing in this episode. Please don't hate me. The one thing that bugs me is that I feel like the writers went out of there way to make Dean seem overly chauvinistic during his fight with Rory just to make a point. I'm not saying that there aren't people that think and say the things that he said, because there are. I've met several of them. However, I just don't feel like Dean's character has ever been presented as such. He's very sweet to Rory, and they've previously mentioned that he admires her intelligence and respects her, so his comment to Rory about the "oppressed housewives" just feels really contrived. As if it was there just to spark the fight. His not understanding the significance of the show in the beginning was fine, and typical of a teenage guy, and his reaction to Rory actually making the dinner, where he tells her that he doesn't expect those kinds of things from her felt very in character. The fight dialogue just feels over the top somehow.

    Christopher.....I'm not a fan....for reasons yet to come, but still....not a fan.

    Quick note on Concert Interruptus:
    One line worth mentioning is when Louise tells Rory "I find your mother fascinating" and Rory responds "Funny. So does she." On the surface it's a joke line, but I think it also speaks to Lorelai's confidence in who she is as a person. Yes she has flaws, but she is proud of how her life has turned out given the cards she was dealt. She made the best of getting pregnant at 16 and managed to create a nice life for herself and Rory by being a strong and independent person. That line just kind of sticks out to me as being very telling of Lorelai's general optimism about her life and the way it has turned out.

  4. 1x13- Concert interruptus

    Oh my goodness. I was totally on the same page as both of you for this episode. First of all, I watched this episode with my boyfriend and when Ms. Patty made her comment about having a lot of good memories on those drums I made a face like-- huh? What is she referring to? And my boyfriend laughed because he was thinking the same thing. Then when Lorelai was laughing at the concert I commented on how it seemed like she was high, but then again I have laughing fits all the time, and I don't do drugs. Rachel's jacket looked like it had been through an experience at a party where people were drinking too much and got sick. Sookie's fall was the cutest. I also complained during this episode about the consistency with Lorelai's mom code.

    Also, it was definitely weird that Lorelai just gave away Sookie's tickets. They could have had a quick comment about how she asked Sookie and she was fine with it, but I would be a little offended if I were Sookie. It seemed like she went out of her way to get 4 tickets so Rory and Lane and Lorelai and her could all spend time with each other.

    Maybe Rory was thinking that they first started dating in the dance episode? That still would have been about 2 months before that though. But Dean seems to think everything became official at her birthday party with the bracelet. Confusing.