Monday, July 28, 2014

Podcast #2 - S1E1 - Pilot

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot!

An obsession begins.
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The next podcast will post on August 4th for Season 1, Episode 2 - The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton!


  1. So this was a very good follow up episode to the pilot. We get to see more of the relationships, ideas and dynamics that we were introduced to in the first episode. Lorelai's outfit that she wore to Chilton was awesome. Not int the sense that it looked good, but just the idea of her showing up looking like, i think they said rodeo or cowgirl, was funny, especially since it was supposed to be an important moment. Emily showing up and calling Lorelai all day was a nice way to show that she wants to be involved in Rory's life. It's like she get's to do all the things she wanted to do with Lorelai but never got to. I understand that Lorelai doesn't want Emily to pay for everything but I can also understand that Emily just wants the best for her granddaughter. We finally get introduced to Chilton and all the new students, like Paris. I like her introduction and how she and Rory play off of eachother. She is threatened by Rory and is clearly a neurotic overacheiver. Last week we got a young Jared Padalecki this week we get a young Chad Michael Murray, how many young teen heartthrobs does this show have? It's nice getting to see more of the characters we saw last week like miss Patty and Luke. We even get introduced to some new recurring characters but not enough to judge from yet. The scenes with Lorelai and Luke are great, we can tell that there is something between them and I like how Luke almost gets jealous about the idea of Lorelai going on a date with that dad from Chilton, who was not attractive btw. There's even a little hint about them dating at the end, which Rory does not seem thrilled about. The other thing that caught my attention were the refrences. It's always funny to watch shows from the late 90's or early 2000's and catch refrences that aren't out of date. Headmaster Charleton mentions The View, which made me think, how old is that show? It must have been new at the time, but it's still on today so it caught me off guard. I remember Buffy did that with Harry Potter, which is also refrenced and I like those small scenes with Miss Patty and how she trains the little girls. I thought it was funny. Also, I don't know much about playing the harp, but it looked like Alex Borestein was actually playing the harp. Was it just me? Is that something that she can do or is she just good at making it look like she can play? I did like how she just up and left in the middle of playing to go get lunch. Not much of Lane his episode but I do like that we continue to see that she has this other life that she hides from her mother. All the contrasting mother/daughter relationships in this show are very interesting and I can't wait to see how they all play out.

  2. So, Chilton looks fun. Everything there is maybe a little over the top though, from Headmaster Charleston telling Rory that she's probably not going to make it, to the teachers and of course Tristan (who I can't stand for the most part) and Paris (who will become one of my favourite characters). It makes sense that Rory's rival is not the typical popular girl, but the ambitious overachiever. This is not about becoming prom queen, this is about being valedictorian and editor of the schoolpaper.
    It's also slightly unbelievable that these are the only clean clothes Lorelai has lying around and that she would put on the the boots to round out the look and not find an excuse to keep her coat on in the headmaster's office. But Emily's reaction is gold, so for that alone it's totally worth it.
    Emily finally found a way into the girls' lives through paying for school and she's gonna use it and do everything she's never got the chance to before. I feel a little sorry for her when Lorelai is yelling at her but of course she does have a point, it's not Emily's place to butt in like that.

    How many times does something have to occur to be considered a Gilmore first? Because I think the broken toaster at Luke's could be (a small) one. I remember at least three different times he's fixing that thing.

    Because you talked last episode about real teenagers playing teenagers, I think it's funny that Keiko Agena, who plays Lane, is actually 27 here, which really surprised me when I learned it.

    The name thing doesn't bother me. When I say it's as good as it's probably gonna get, that makes it sound worse than it is. Your pronunciation is really not that far off. :)

    1. Is your name Japanese? Is it more like Mah-Ray-Keh?

    2. No, it's german

    3. I attempted to look up pronunciation on Google. So we'll see how that goes. :D Thank you for being so understanding! It drives me crazy when people screw up my name, so I try really hard to pronounce others' names correctly.

    4. Thank you for trying! But I did like the previous version better :)

  3. I really like Lorelai. She reminds me of my sister, in a good way. She is the "cool" mom, but not by trying too hard. She just IS.

    So for the first day of Chilton, I thought it was slightly unbelievable that Paris was so threatened by Rory. It seemed that her file wasn't particularly impressive, at least according to the headmaster. (I won't be surprised if it turns out that she only got accepted as a favor to the Gilmore family...) So yeah, a few recommendations and a journalism major shouldn't be so threatening to Paris, especially since Rory seems shy and not so attention-seeking. Tristan was a little annoying. I was really hoping that the "Mary" thing wouldn't go without an explanation for long, although I should have guessed at the meaning. I hope this isn't leading to a weird love triangle where two "super cool" dudes go for a shy wallflower.

    Also, the storyline with Luke and Lorelai is so obvious it hurts. But I guess it should be interesting to see where it leads.

    One other thing I noticed: Lorelai's comments to Michel (sp?) were pretty inappropriate and he could totally report her to HR for sexual harassment! Assuming they have an HR. I understand that she manages the Inn but doesn't own it? So someone would be overseeing her.

    Can't wait to hear the podcast!

  4. I just started listening so i still need to catch up, I recently watched the entire series on Netflix. One thing I wanted to say is the pilot was shot in a real town. Not sure if its in Canada (Where a lot of pilots seem to be shot), or if its in Connecticut. That's why Ms Kim's has a different name and Luke's looks a bit different.