Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Podcast #1 - Introduction

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is our introduction episode! Join us for a few minutes to meet your hosts and hear how we came to the podcast and the show.

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We'll be back soon with our premier episode for Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot!


  1. Just wanted to say I'm happy that you guys are doing a Gilmore Girls re-watch. I grew up watching this show as a teen. I think I came in mid season 2 when it was airing and watched most episodes as they aired up until season 7. Then I watched it every day after school on ABC Family when they would play 2 episodes every day. So I've seen almost every episode and then gave up at season 7, for reasons I cannot say at this point. I have a vague remembrance of the show overall but I can't wait to revisit it and see all the details again.
    So here's my thought's on the first episode. I love the introduction of all of the characters, they seem well developed and fully formed. I like that guy that follows Sookie around the kitchen and cleans up after her mess's like the fire, cause she's all over the place. This is the role I've always remembered Melissa McCarthy from and she's so fun and adorable in this role. I like the relationship between Lorelai and Rory, it's different and unique but it works for them, most of the time. Look it's Sam Winchester! Well it's nice to see Jared's acting has improve since then, and he looks so young here, but a lot cuter than I recall. I was not a fan of Dean the first time around so I'm going to keep an open mind this time. Can't really say too much about why I like Luke right now because I don't want to be spoilery, but he's awesome. Did they just give champagne to a 16 year old? The dinner scene was great. You can cut the tension with the knife Lorelai wanted to get. But then she washes dishes! I love the sharp, wittiness and sarcasm of Lorelai and Rory. Watching this episode reminds me of why I used to love the show and makes me more excited about the re-watch.

    1. Hi Ashley! Thank you so much for commenting! We look forward to discussing it on the podcast!

  2. I am new to Gilmore Girls, I've never seen a single episode! I do think my experience watching this will be different from a lot of people, because I relate a lot more to the mom character, since I am 30 and the mom to two girls. So the first episode was interesting, but I'll have to see more to get hooked, I think.

    Funny thing about Jared Padalecki. I actually noticed him when he first won that contest to present the surf boards on the Teen Choice Awards. I called him "red shirt guy" because he wore a red shirt, and then later I found out his name. Very interesting that he went on to acting, I think I knew vaguely he was in this show, but my mini-crush had evaporated by then. When watching the pilot, I was questioning my taste in men. His hair looks awful... floppy? Sort of combo of Hugh Grant and Shawn from Boy Meets World. Yikes!

    Looking forward to hearing the podcast, and glad Cordia is back! (And good to meet you, Celeste!)

    1. Hi Meags! Thanks for commenting! I look forward to hearing your views on the episodes! And yes... the hair is quite floppy.

  3. Hi Cordia and Celeste,

    So excited about The Gilmore Girls Rewatch! I was a lurker on The Buffy Rewatch, but I am hoping to be more involved this time around!

    I love the Gilmore Girls, and I have always thought this was a really strong pilot. It lays out all of the important relationships in the show very clearly. The Friday night dinner (Gilmore first!) and the relationships between Lorelai, Rory, Emily and Richard are impressively established. The whole dynamic: from Richard and Rory's silent bonding to the frostiness punctuating everything Lorelai and Emily say to each other. I still well up at that picture of young Lorelai standing in front of her austere childhood home, looking so alone and misunderstood, fading to an adult Lorelai too afraid to even drive through the gate. It says so much about her childhood that we have yet to know in detail.

    Looking forward to the first official podcast!

    1. Hi Alex! Thank you for commenting and we look forward to discussing it on the podcast!

  4. Hi Cordia and Celeste!!

    I am so excited for this podcast!! I was a very loyal listener and sometimes commentator to the Buffy Rewatch (As I've long adored Buffy) and when Cordia announced that she was doing a Gilmore Girls podcast I knew I was going to listen. HOWEVER, I've not seen a single episode of Gilmore Girls, even with several friends telling me that I would love the show. This will give me a great place to watch a new show, and have place to talk about it!

    With that being said.... I've picked up the DVD box set and popped in the first episode. OH MAN this is going to be hard to watch just one of these episodes a week. There is so much of this that I really enjoyed, first off I think this was a very strong first episode. It sets up the world of the show without ever feeling like the first episode of a new show, in the best way possible, it feels like it's a middle of a series season opening, which is very skillful.

    The characters feel well defined and logically based, I want to know more about everyone that was on screen in this episode. What the pilot did well, was deliver a quality introductory episode while still telling a compelling story. I was a little worried that Rory was actually going to stay at the public school for Dean (as tempting as a young Jared Padalecki is, I'm glad she went to the new private school). As a fan of Supernatural I hope we see more of the Dean character.

    A final quick note on Melissa McCarthy, OH MY GOODNESS, she was so great here. I love how kind-hearted her character is and how different it is from the current characters that she plays (in films like The Heat and Tammy). It's very refreshing and totally makes me understand why she's such a beloved actress, cant wait to see more of her.

    On the whole and very exciting and great first episode!

    1. Hi Josh! Thanks for following me over from Buffy! I'm glad you're enjoying GG so far and I hope you continue to do so (and comment!).

  5. Hey Cordia and Celeste!
    I'm so excited you're doing a Gilmore Girls rewatch! I've already seen these episodes many times but I'm sure it'll be different to watch only one episode per week and there'll be new and different perspectives on it.
    This is one of my favourite shows and Stars Hollow is definitely my favourite fictional town, which we actually don't see much of in this episode but that makes sense for pilot and I think this is a great one. The characters are already well rounded and the different relationships between them are set up very clear. We also hear about Rory's and Lorelai's&Sookie's plans for the future and Lorelai's past and why she would become so distant from her parents who also don't seem like terrible people.
    Every time I watch the pilot I also somehow really love how excited Rory is about school and learning which is not a quality you see that often and to these extremes in a teenage girl on tv.
    It's also a really quotable show. Michel's "People are particularily stupid today, I can't talk to any more of them" for example is a line that actually pops into my head from time to time, in his accent of course (cause that's not weird). The dialogue is fast, witty, reference-filled and such a big part of the show.
    I'm looking forward to the podcast!

    1. Hi Mareike!! Thanks for commenting! I love Michel and all his quippiness! And I apologize in advance for continuing to butcher your name. Perhaps you could shoot a quick voice clip to with an example for me?? :D

  6. Hey guys, I'm so glad you're doing a Gilmore Girls podcast! I commented a couple of times on the Buffy Rewatch, but I watched Gilmore Girls when it was new, so my perspectives might be a little different. It was one of the few shows my sister and I could watch with our mother, so it made it a bit of a family show for us.

    Thoughts on the first episode:

    I love Mrs. Kim's introduction. We know nearly everything we need to without ever seeing her. The way she says her lines when Lane and Rory walk into the store is great.

    The scene in the inn's kitchen right before Lorelai comes in with the letter from Chilton is one of my favorites. The blocking has to be so tight due to the set constraints, but it is so quick and precise and funny. I don't think a real chef would have survived quite this long if they were as distracted and accident-prone as Suki, though.

    I'll echo Mareike's comment about the "people are particularly stupid today" line. My sister and I worked together for a while and used this line a lot.

    I grew up in a very small town, and they capture a lot of truthfulness in the show. From the restaurant that doesn't bother to change the sign from the former hardware store to the one lady in town who knows everything and everyone at all time - it's pretty close to perfect.

    I'm not too fond of Alexis Bledel's acting here. I think she mumbles too much or something. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm usually aware that she's reading a script. I haven't watched the series in a long while, so I can't remember if it gets better. The one scene I thought she did a great job in, though, was the walk/talk with Dean. She keeps coming up with the weirdest and most random things to say and then looks away to give herself a disbelieving look. It captured exactly what it's like to try to talk to a boy you like when you're not good at talking to boys. Especially at 16.

    I bought the series in a box set after the last season aired, and it came with a booklet with all the pop culture references listed in episode order and explained them. It's been such a life-saver.

    One last thing - the music. I know you guys said you'd talk about it but, wow, it took me back.

    Thanks so much for doing this podcast; can't wait to rewatch with you guys!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Erica!