Thursday, September 29, 2016

Podcast #87 - S4E16 - The Reigning Lorelai

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 4, Episode 16 - The Reigning Lorelai.

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  1. So, are we finally done with Luke and Nicole?
    I felt like this plot development was dropped in out of nowhere. For several episodes, when the show has bothered to show us their relationship, it has mostly shown us that Luke is not really invested in their marriage. They've been on the verge of divorce for their entire marriage! He never fully moved in with her, did he? Last week we just heard them arguing and then saw him refusing to communicate. Am I supposed to believe that he's really devastated and surprised by this? How much time has passed since their last fight?
    If the writers wanted to end the relationship they could have just had Luke announce that it was over. Did they really need to destroy Nicole as a character (to the extent that she is a character) on the way out the door?

    And by the way, they did the "I'm wearing someone else's clothes" plot on Sports Night several years before this episode aired. Sorry, ASP: Aaron Sorkin did it better.

  2. Should I see it as my task to inform you of deleted scenes that are on the dvd? Because in the Reigning Lorelai, there was indeed a scene with Digger at Trix' wake that was cut. It's not a good scene so no loss there, but I just wanted to mention it.

    If I did Spring Break, it would probably look a lot like Paris and Rory on Spring Break. It's kind of fun to see Rory so out of her element in this environment. At least she has Paris with her.

    Everyone's talking about Paris and Rory's kiss as if it was the greatest kiss ever even though that's not what happened. Didn't they also do this when they played Romeo and Juliet and their lips clearly did not touch at all? This is so weird. Just let them kiss if you want to talk about it, otherwise everyone looks like an idiot and a creep.

    I love Paris in this episode even though I wouldn't want to meet her and the way she's treating people is ... not nice, let's put it that way. Her comment that "No, it's national baptism day. Tie your tubes, idiot!" is one of the most quintessential Paris moments but seriously, how dumb is that girl to ask if it's raining?

    Please tell me what the banana eating contest is about because I have been wondering about this since forever.

  3. I was not excited about an "on location" episode, they are not usually my favorite of any show. But I did like the Paris and Rory dynamic. They are much better as friends than as bickering foe no reason enemies. They know each other so well and can say what they are really thinking to each other, like true friends. Glad they made it this far. If the show puts up ridiculous reasons for them (Paris) to decide not to be friends, that will be extra annoying.
    Madilyn and Louise were ridiculous but it didn't bother me too much. I can see them in 10-15 years with wealthy older husbands and Botox. (Maybe I'm being mean there?)

  4. Lorelai and Digger just aren't doing it for me. The show didn't need the Lorelai and Luke scenes to make me think Lorelai and Digger aren't going to work, I already think that. But of course anytime a relationship takes an serious step there has to be a Luke and Lorelai moment to make them question things. At least in this episode Luke and Lorelai seemed like friends and there wasn't any thoughtful looks or anything. I'd like to see them together but dragging it out is not fun.

    And what exactly was Nicole and sock man doing that they didn't notice Luke kicking the crap out of the car and getting arrested? No wonder Luke feels bad, they couldn't even be bothered to notice what is happening right outside the house. I kept thinking Nicole would come out and be angry Lorelai was there and confront the idea that Luke is in love with Lorelai. Now that wouldn't make cheating okay but would give Nicole a little more character development instead of her being the bad guy only.

  5. Although I can't classify this episode as classic Gilmore Girls, because it takes place outside the GG world, I still really enjoyed this little return to Rory's Chilton group. First off, Paris is back in full swing and I love it. It's been a while since Rory and Paris' relationship specifically was given this much attention, and I like the growth of them experiencing this "typical" (stereotypical) college experience together. And of course, MADELINE AND LOUISE!!! I am so happy for the little update on their lives. Although Dean scenes are gross always, I did like that Louise, who has been absent all season, could tell how basic and transparent Dean was and perfectly analyzed his obsession with Rory. Granted louise thinks he's a god, and her observation is based on high school Dean, but still, it worked for me. But then Dean called Rory back and was typical Dean. "I have some questions, I even wrote a few down." GO AWAY DEAN

    The one spring break part that didn't work for me was the Paris-Rory kiss, mostly because it didn't logically make much sense. I did find it in character for Paris to try to spring break to the fullest, but Madeline and Louise made it seem like this is party central and girls make out all the time, so I don't understand how Paris' 1 second kiss attack was such a hot topic. Also, did anyone else think the guy Rory was making eyes at looked like a fratty-er version of Jess?

    This is such a small part of this episode, but I appreciated seeing Paris and Rory manning a table for their human rights petition. I would have rather seen scenes about them finding this club instead of some of the other Yale plots we've seen, but it's good to know that they do have a new interest at Yale.

    I find Digger less awful than I did when he was first introduced. He was awkwardly charming when he gave Lorelai the key, and I like that progress is being made in the relationship, even if I'm not fully thrilled about Digger. I really though just don't have much to say about this relationship. It's not as gag-worthy as before, but I really just don't care that much.

    Finally, why does Nicole's cheating need to be a story? Why is this relationship all of a sudden being developed? I guess I'm not surprised that we didn't know how invested Luke is in his marriage, because aside from his rants, he's reserved about his feelings. So I can buy that we don't get scenes of Luke gushing about his love for Nicole, but I don't understand why their breakup is going to be more fleshed out than anything else before this. And how could Nicole not notice her husband kicking the crap out of her boyfriend's car so badly that the cops came? And then him kicking and yelling outside again!? Luke pointed to the door right behind him, so they were obviously right outside Nicole's window.

  6. Hey, did ya'll see this? Wednesday October 5th, we can go get coffee at Luke's!!!!

  7. I am constantly watching/binge watching the Gilmore Girls series and currently I am watching "The Third Lorelai." During the episode Rory asks Lorelai what she's knows about Trix, and Lorelai tells her that she doesn't know much because Trix moved to England after her husband died.

    I think during this podcast there was discussion on where Richard grew up. It seems like Richard was born and grew up in America and then his mother moved to England after his father died and has been there ever since.