Thursday, August 4, 2016

Podcast #82 - S4E11 - In the Clamor and the Clangor

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 4, Episode 11 - In the Clamor and the Clangor.

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The next podcast will post on Thursday, August 11, 2016 for Season 4, Episode 12 - A Family Matter.


    I am so happy he's back, but the stupid credits ruined his impending return by including Milo's name! Still, I'm excited to see how Jess shakes things up this time, though hopefully it won't end in heartbreak for Rory. I wish the show explored how Rory was dealing with the breakup/Jess ghosting throughout this season, but I think it was left out because Rory hasn't really dealt with it herself (see below for continuation of this thought).

    Speaking of the Danes family, it's also good to finally meet Liz. I liked seeing some similarities between Luke's relationship with Liz and his with Lorelai. Even when each woman drives him crazy or elicits a classic rant, he loves them both so much, though obviously in different ways. Luke may criticize Liz's choices, but he made clear that in the end, he happily helps her when she needs it. This reminded me of the shoveling snow scene from last week, when Luke was helping Lorelai even as he yelled at her. The show does a good job of maintaining this aspect of Luke's character throughout his different relationships.

    I liked the portrayal of Rory confronting Paris. Although her tone was stern when she finally talked about the relationship to Paris, I think it was justified because Paris is not only dating someone 40 years older, but she is also cheating on Jamie! Also, in my experience, talking about my friend's relationship made me feel really icky, and lashing out was easier than having a serious, emotional conversation, so even if Jamie wasn't in the picture, I would totally believe Rory's approach to the situation. I found Paris annoying in this scene, especially when she called Rory "Mary" and implied that Richard is hot. While I 100% hated how Paris handled the breakup, I did find it in character. However, my sympathy switched in their next scene. Paris really tried to open up to Rory about her relationship with Asher, and Rory blew an opportunity to be a real friend to Paris, which is what she really needs. I have noticed this as a consistency in Rory's character, as she seems to shut down when a situation gets too uncomfortable or serious (prime example: refraining from addressing her feelings for Jess when she was dating Dean). I think this could also explain why we haven't heard anything on Rory's post-breakup feelings in season 4. I hope that it's not because the show forgot about Jess, but that Rory can't even bring herself to address these emotions, so the audience would also hear nothing of it. I think this trait is really normal for 18-ish year olds, especially for people like Rory who don't like to upset other people. I hope one day she learns to cope with tough situations, I find it totally believable in her current character.

    Digger's Dutch is appalling!

  2. On the last podcast:
    I'm not sure if you had planned that or if it was just a happy coincidence but that was the perfect episode for that particular guest host. It was really interesting to hear his perspective on Lane and Mrs. Kim. I think the show, or okay, really only Lane often talks about how terrible her life is. She did it last episode, the scene cut from the season premiere is another great example of that. But the show never really follows though on it and we don't really get a feeling of how bad that environment really is and what it means in all its effects. For one thing, that wouldn't really fit the show. But I think it's also undermined a little by the fact that we see Lane being able to express herself outside of her home, so it doesn't seem so bad. And of course there's the fact that the other characters don't take her seriously. Everytime Lane brings up the misery that is her life, Rory just kind of waves it aside. The end of the first season is also a great example of this, when Lane thought she was being shipped off to Korea without return and Rory didn't react at all to that. So yeah, overall I think the show itself treats Lane's life and Mrs. Kim more as a joke and that's how the audience sees it, too. So getting a different perspective, one that I never really considered before, was great.

    On this episode:
    Liz is not what I imagined. I don't think she fits exactly with what we heard about her before from Luke and Jess. She sounded much more deadbeat there than she appears here. This is probably another case of them changing their mind a little on what the character would be when they decided to bring her onto the screen.

    I'm very curious to see Jess and Rory's reunion. His attitude doesn't seem to have changed much. And I agree with McKenna in that I also don't think Rory has really dealt with the breakup. Also I guess theoretically, there's a chance Jess might stick around Stars Hollow since the spinoff didn't happen. He doesn't seem to be too keen on that though.

    Aaah, are we going to have to discuss money problems again? That's always fun. It's dumb that they present cancelling movie channels and magazine subscriptions and eating out less as some big money saving technique that shows how terrible Lorelai's financial situation is. And why doesn't she tell Rory about it? It also makes Rory look like an idiot because the idea that opening your own inn is going to need a lot of money and so you might want to save some where you can is not that hard to grasp.