Thursday, July 7, 2016

Podcast #80 - S4E9 - Ted Koppel's Big Night Out

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 4, Episode 9 - Ted Koppel's Big Night Out.

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  1. I must declare myself on team YASSS for Lorelai and Jason. I agree with all of the negative assessments of Jason's first few introductions... but as things progress between them, I love them together more and more. They are just so evenly matched, and I like that he's moving Lorelai's needle a little more towards the middle from her current and former lives. I also get the feeling that the first few times we saw Jason we were seeing his facade and now that he realized that was not the way to "get" Lorelai he is being more himself. And I love it.

    LOVE Lane working at the diner!

  2. Ok, I don't hate Digger here. Still, the dog is so far by far the best thing about him. I also think his apartement is another sign that he and Lorelai are complete opposites of each other. These choices can't be a coincedence, right?

    Of course Paris dating Asher is terrible for all the reasons you explained and the fact that she's cheating on Jamie isn't good either. But I also can't help but find it cute how excited Paris is. Which is probably another sign that she's too young and immature for this particular relationship. It makes sense that Rory doesn't want to know any details, but I wish we would get some, like, who initiated this?

    There are still moments when I notice how much Alexis Bledel has grown into this role over the seasons and how much more "natural" she seems now. Some of her facial expressions here stood out to me, like when she's reacting to Lorelai's culs de sac jokes in the beginning or when she's eating the marzipan (which is disgusting. And certainly Rory would know which professor is teaching her classes.

    It seems almost like they have forgotten about all the big fights last episode. That's weird.

    I watched this episode before the last podcast, so it's been a while and I took notes to remember what I wanted to comment on. I don't even really remember what this refers to, but I wrote it down, so: Do you not have diesel fuel?

  3. Even though Digger seems to be less horrible, I'm just not sure if he's the one for Lorelai. He can keep up with her, but I don't want to feel hesitant towards a serious boyfriend of hers and Digger still just seems like a pig at heart. I enjoyed him at Richard and Emily's in the marzipan scene, and his dog is so hilariously weird, but in my eyes, he hasn't done anything to prove himself as a remarkable suitor for Lorelai. I don't like that he wants to take a step in their relationship by telling Richard and Emily, then takes another date to an event without telling Lorelai ahead of time. I understand that he feels a need to take a date to events like that, but by not at least giving Lorelai a heads up, he appears sneaky, which is not how he should be acting if he truly wants to engage in a serious relationship with her. I don't think he is as gross as he has seemed in past episodes, but Lorelai should be with someone AWESOME, and I just don't feel that Digger is awesome. Also, I agree with Mareike about Digger's apartment, and I would like to add that although it is a very fancy apartment, it is nowhere as cozy as Luke's!!

    I can relate to Rory's uncomfortable feelings regarding Paris' relationship with Asher because I had a friend who dated a much older man when we were 18. Like Rory, I interpreted the relationship in terms of how it affected me and my feelings, rather than how my friend was affected. In hindsight, of course I see that it was wrong to react selfishly and not articulate genuine concerns I had about their relationship, which is why it bothers me that Rory is more concerned with how Paris' relationship affects her than it does Paris. But also, I find Rory's behavior totally realistic because I reacted the same way.

    I appreciated the continuity of the tension between Michel and Tobin. I like that Michel recognizes that he is great on paper, but that his people skills are a real weakness. Tobin may not be great on paper, but Lorelai and Sookie like working with him and Michel cannot ignore the comparisons.

    No mention of Pennylin Lott, but there seems to be some tension between Richard and Emily and hopefully that is part of this larger story. I'm holding out hope for continuation.

    I really wish we could've seen Luke interviewing Lane.

    "I've been calling him Truman" made me laugh out loud.