Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Podcast #57 - SPOILERS - Netflix Revival #2

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is a special SPOILER FILLED podcast about the new Gilmore Girls Netflix revival!

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  1. I don't want this revival to just be a "where are they now?" followup. ASP could tell us that in a one-hour special. To sustain 4 mini-movies, things have to happen! And I don't want to just see all the characters having fantasy lives. It's been almost ten years; people's wants and dreams and priorities will have changed. Maybe Luke has gotten exhausted from running a diner and wants to change it into a higher-end restaurant. Maybe Lorelai wants to travel instead of running the Dragonfly day-to-day. Maybe Sookie has joined Iron Chef America. (I would totally watch Sookie on Iron Chef America -- she'd light Kitchen Stadium on fire once a week.)

    Rory: The show needs to acknowledge that Rory went into journalism at the WORST possible time to be a young journalist. If they start the show with her as a successful columnist for the NYT I will roll my eyes to Saturn, because there's just no way. This terrible economy will have required Rory to be flexible and adjust; will she have managed to do that? To me, Rory is most interesting when she has to deal with adversity. She doesn't always handle it well. I'm not interested in watching her seamlessly transition from perfectly-successful-teenager to perfectly-successful-adult.

    Lorelai/Emily: The thing I'm really looking forward to is seeing how Lorelai and Emily's relationship will have evolved, especially in light of Richard's death. I think we audience members see all 3 Gilmore Girls as proxies for how we deal with our own mothers/daughters/granddaughters, and I would love to see them tackle how Lorelai might worry about Emily as an aging parent alone in that big house. That role reversal between parent and child is something that doesn't get addressed on television enough.

    Lane: I picture her and Zach and the twins and Mrs Kim touring the Northeast as a band, Partridge-family style. You know they steered those kids towards appropriate instruments. They probably have their own youtube channel.

    Kirk: he's probably taken over as town selectman, but Taylor still wants to pull strings behind the scenes. (I'm now picturing Taylor as the Godfather.)