Monday, October 19, 2015

Podcast #53 - S3E8 - Let the Games Begin

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 3, Episode 8 - Let the Games Begin.

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  1. Have you all seen the news that NetFlix are planning to produce four 90mins episodes !!!

  2. First - re: Chipotle. My husband actually doesn't really like it. I've never actually been, because the area of Texas where I live has a similar chain called Freebirds and we always go there instead. It's pretty awesome, but I will have to check out Chipotle and see for myself which is better.

    I liked this episode a lot, but I think my favorite scene was at Luke's diner, when Jess is trying to make it obvious that Luke is in love with Lorelai and was making them wait to eat with the Gilmores. I hope there will be a lot of awkward yet cute double "dates".

    I'm literally watching this one episode at a time and don't know - but Kirk's cat is a raccoon, isn't it?

    The final scene with Dean and Jess seems to me like the writers actually do know Dean's character, because this seems in line with the bullying, borderline abusive behavior he has been exhibiting the whole time. The disconnect, I think, is that the writers seem to think this is an okay way to behave and it is part of him being a good boyfriend, not that he is a good boyfriend DESPITE this bad behavior. I think there is a lot more awareness now of what constitutes abuse, and we really aren't so far removed from the idea that this chauvinistic behavior is considered normal and part of a man's biology, rather than just a sexist culture that rewards it.

    Rory's admission that she had applied to Yale after all without telling her mom is planting more seeds that Rory is beginning to separate herself from her mom and have a life of her own that excludes her. Pretty normal rite of passage, I'd say. Not looking forward to that in 10 years with my girls.

  3. This was a great episode, except for the Lorelai freak out over Yale. It's been said before, but how does Lorelai not realize that Rory cannot possibly only apply to Harvard. It doesn't matter how smart you are, Harvard is never a given! The people that I know that went to Harvard had much more substantial extracurriculars too. Has anyone in the history of the world ever been so upset that their kid is applying to Yale? Give it up Lorelai! I'm also super curious to know what Rory's safe school is. It seems like she didn't finish listing colleges she was applying to and there is no way Chilton would allow her to just apply to Ivy's. You have to throw in one lock.

  4. It's unbelievable and annoying how ignorant Lorelai is about applying to college, as shown by her surprise when she learns that Rory didn't apply only to Harvard. Especially because she learned a few episodes ago, in Application Anxiety ?, how hard it is to get into Harvard. Why didn't Rory tell her though, not about Yale but about the other schools? Did she know that Lorelai would freak out? Is Lorelai only this surprised because Rory didn't tell her?
    Even as it is, it's completely insane that Rory's "backup schools" are all Ivy League, right?

    Lorelai's freakout over Rory applying to Yale is also totally annoying and totally in character. At least it looks like we're finally making some progress on this, with Emily confronting her about it (and I haven't praised Kelly Bishop in a while, but the hurt in her eyes at the end of this scene is fantastic and heartbreaking) and later when Lorelai admits to being crazy and why that is. Hopefully we don't have to sit through this argument again.

    I said that A Film by Kirk was my favourite of Human Kirk's storylines and Cat Kirk is a very close second. I love the whole thing. For some reason I imagine Cat Kirk to be one of those weird naked cats, like the one Rachel had on Friends once. ("That's not a cat!" "Why is it inside out?!") Actually, that's probably the reason.

    I find Jackson and his random friends more annoying than funny, but at least this leads to drunk Sookie who's awesome.

    And of course, Bible Kiss Bible!

  5. In the last episode comments (I think), someone pointed out how Lorelai regresses to acting like a teenager when she's around her parents. here it's even worse: she throws a tantrum in front of a bunch of strangers in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner and then storms out like some soap opera diva. Petulant hysteria is not a good look for a woman in her 30s. I think it would have been more interesting if Lorelai had managed to cover her feelings and pretend to go along with the conversation, only to explode in private. Her behavior here just makes her look immature, thereby confirming her parents' worst thoughts about her. We know Lorelai is capable of making amends when she screws up; is she going to apologize to Emily and Richard for this?

    You can actually see Rory thinking, "THIS is why I didn't tell you." Given how close they are, you would hope that Rory keeping this secret would make Lorelai do some hard thinking. It's pretty clever that this episode opens with a scene from Grey Gardens: it's a cautionary tale, ladies! This is what happens when mother and daughter isolate themselves from everyone else in the world! Rory applying to Yale is another step towards independence and Lorelai does not handle it well.

    And of course, I concur with Mareike about the ridiculousness of thinking that Rory would only apply to one school. It's pretty sad that the six other grownups at the table know more about the college admissions process than Lorelai does.

    The scene with Jackson's family seems totally realistic to me. In my family, we use a smoker instead of a deep-fryer...but the sentiment is the same. "He's shamelessly pandering to his demographic!"

    And as for Dave Rygalski: his skill at subterfuge matches Lane's. See, Richard? This is how you pull one over on somebody.

  6. Regarding the discussion in this episode of the podcast of whether sex will be on the table between Rory and Jess (R rated material ahead)

    I actually believe that Rory is 18 by now. I have estimated Rory's birthday to be around the 22th of October because its very close to Halloween but it can't be past the 23rd of October because Rory is a textbook Libra (If you ever want to understand Rory better, do a quick google search about libras!) ANYWAY, Rory turns 16 in season 1 during her sophmore year, presumably 17 during her junior year and now its mid November and Rory should be 18. Jess is either 18 or 19 during this time, and I'm pretty confident he is not a virgin. I personally think that he's hooked up with Shane-- i'm convinced that he is pulling his pants back on in the scene where Lorelai walks in to Luke's apartment, and the bang Lorelai hears is Shane trying to put her clothes back on in the closet.
    In real life, most teens experience lots of in-between sexual experiences before full on sex-- fingering, oral, etc. but TV shows always do this thing where they act like a couple either is only making out or is having full on sex and nothing in between exists. I assure you, there's plenty to do in between, and most teenagers experiment with those things for years before they graduate to PIV sex. So I'm always examining tv shows for ways that they allude to characters hooking up in non-full-on-sex ways, to the point where I might invent them if they're not there for my own satisfaction. There was one tiiiny moment between Rory and Dean in the episode where Rory is home alone and Dean wants to come over-- he kind of alludes to being home alone with Rory as being an opportunity to fool around. Perhaps they have done a little more than just makeout--- or maybe I'm just reading too much into things and seeing what I want to see. Why can tv shows allude to, talk about, or even show sex but fingerbanging is off the table??? come on people, be real.
    Anyway, I really hope that we get to hear a little more about Rory's attitudes about sex, especially considering she is with someone who actually has sexual tension with her. Also, Did I mishear something, or was Jess talking about his boner in the scene where they first kiss by the gas pumps at Gypsy's?

    (P.S. I'm still trying to figure out Lorelai's birthday & sign, so if anyone has picked up on any info that would be helpful.... my money is on Sagittarius, but i dont believe her birthday is ever mentioned. ).